Day 3 of Twixtmas

For Day 3 of Twixtmas why not do something for a friend?

Sure most of us have sent Christmas greetings of some sort.

Yet, how deep or meaningful were these connections? Did you really let these other people know how much they mean to you?

Could you get in touch to savour their company, their presence on this planet in some way?

Here is a beautiful example of letting someone know you care for them.

Or is there someone who you have lost touch with? Could you make some efforts to find them? The Internet makes re-connecting so much easier.

Enjoy Day 3 of Twixtmas with friends.

Positive psychologists highlight the key to genuine happiness is not in material things but largely guided by your relationships – with partners, family or friends.

Make the most of these connections. Use today to show they are not taken for granted.


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