News: Meme judo+‘Spin is Innocent OK!’ – Cardiff – this Thursday

PR practitioners have failed to understand the DNA of communications – memes. As a result, they face missing out on the potential to create memorable, creative, messages whose word of mouth lives on and on.

Sharing examples from the work of Edward Bernays to the latest cutting edge campaigns, Andy Green explains how to create your own memes and how to use them effectively in a breakfast event for the CIPR Wales group at 8am on Thursday November 25th at the prestigious Parkhouse Club in Cardiff.

Understanding memes, Andy argues, provides the platform for challenging how we define public relations. It asks: ‘Does PR need a Brand overhaul? Are PR people just ‘propagandists’ who use spin every day?’ 

This is a talk to improve your performance, gain greater understanding of how communications works, and your role within it – and most importantly, to get you thinking. Pass it on.

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