NEWS: Give your Creativity a boost – 4 places on December courses

There are four places available on each of two great different creativity training days – ‘Creativity in PR’ and ‘Managing the Creative PR Team’ – with a special offer for anyone booking on both sessions.

Give yourself the best preparation for 2011 and take advantage of a rare opportunity to attend two open creativity training days with Andy Green in London on December 9th and 10th.

Find out what has transformed the creativity of hundreds of delegates ‘Creativity in PR’ and how you can transform the creativity of your business and yourself in ‘Managing the Creative PR team’.

There’s a special offer for booking on both sessions with free signed copies of Andy’s books ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ and ‘The Upturn: you part in its rise’.

Both courses are being run by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Further details are available from here or contact the CIPR workshops team on 020 7631 6900.        

The ‘Creativity in PR’ session includes:

Creativity is a vital skill in the public relations profession, yet most people in the industry have not received any training in this area. Nor do they understand how creativity works and how creative performance can be improved dramatically. Packed with practical advice and based on delegates’ own real-life challenges, the workshop will demonstrate that even the least creative can improve their creative abilities, and can manage the creative dimension of their work.

  • Techniques to help tap into your creative side
  • Ten ways to improve creative ability
  • 25 techniques to generate new ideas
  • Proven systems to make organisations and practitioners more creative and innovative
  • Understanding the creative process
  • Key thinking processes
  • How to sell creativity
  • What makes a creative individual and team.

Delegates will improve their ability to effectively manage creativity in their day-to-day PR activity. They will be able to generate, develop and nurture ideas, and will know when and when not, to be creative.

The ‘Managing your Creative PR team’ course includes:

Your team needs to use its creative talents to make your communications stand out, be more effective and make best use of available resources and opportunities. How can you get the optimum creativity from your team members? This course is designed for senior PR professionals who have responsibilities for managing the creative dimension in their work.

  • Building upon the fundamentals of creativity
  • Managing the creative process
  • Different individual creative styles and how to mange them
  • The creative toolbox – how different tools and techniques work, and when, and when not to use them
  • Managing brainstorms
  • Overcoming barriers internally/externally
  • Managing creative individuals
  • Creative input strategy
  • Selling your team’s creative product.

Delegates will gain a greater understanding, insight and confidence of managing the creative dimension at work. They will be able to better manage themselves and their different colleagues in directing and delivering the creative input at a strategic and tactical level in PR activity. Delegates will have a clear understanding of how ideas are generated, nurtured and realized, by de-mystifying the creative dynamic to deliver better results and more effective use

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