A need to redefine public relations?

Pleasant surprise to get a namecheck in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations President’s televised debate featuring its two candidates Rob brown and Sally Sykes – both of whom I’m good friends with.

I happened to be with Rob Brown while in Manchester the week before the debate. While chewing the fat the topic came up about ‘is it time to re-define ‘public relations’?’

Rob mentioned this in the debate (it comes about 5 minutes in the show).

It did make me further reflect about the need for a debate, given my feelings that the industry is in a state of flux between old and new ways of doing.

I then recalled my effort to redefine the term ‘public relations’ in my book ‘Effective Public Relations’ which read:

‘Public relations is about creating sustainable added value for an organization’s reputation by managing its brand, actions, memes and networking.’

Although written back in 2006 I feel it still rings true as a valid effort to recognise the many changes facing the profession.

What would be your definition?

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