Fresh take on austerity

It is good to be invited to be a judge for a leading industry awards.

It is even better when you have an idea generated at a conference brainstorm just a few weeks earlier being made into reality.

The Fresh Awards are one of the communications’ industries leading showcases for celebrating great work and talent. It is also, I believe, one of the first professional award events to feature a new style of category, recognising the challenging times we live in, with its new category of: Austerity Marketing.

The category invites entries which demonstrate recognition of the need to achieve optimum value for money in these difficult times. This category recognises work at any budget level, which is making the best re-use of resources; it can be an existing campaign which has been given fresh sparkle, a new partnership to give new impetus to work, or any work that demonstrates a commitment to sweating extra hard to deliver results and value.

The idea was the brainchild of a delegate at a recent Creativity Masterclass I ran at the Association of Healthcare Communications and Marketing annual conference at the Belfry.

Yvonne White, Communications and Marketing Manager for NHS Coventry came up with an idea for recognising the best recycling of ideas, work and campaigns which demonstrate achieving best value in hard pressed times.

Hey Presto! A month later and Yvonne’s idea is a reality – and hopefully other awards events will also use the idea.

One of my bugbears in working with teams in awaydays or strategic reviews is to create new ideas, brainstorm, and developing an innovative mindset is how managers readily discard existing work.

It is as if they need to re-invent the wheel every time. The reality is most ideas have a several year lifespan and could be re-used for even better results.

Hope you think about what ideas you can re-use – and even enter the Fresh awards.

Have you had a great idea that has been re-used?

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