Creativity you couldn’t make up

One of your most outstanding creative talents is what I call your ‘creative ear’ – picking up bits of information around you, seeds of new opportunities to develop into added value ideas.

In my teaching on creativity I am a great believer that real life is more capable of creating the far-fetched, the unimagined, than any fertile mind.

Reality outscores flights of fancy. As I discovered this week.

A new pleasure in my life is delivering some part-time lecturing with my old university mate and publisher Richard Jones of Tangent Publishing.

Together we are delivering the Professional Writing module for the Masters in International Public Relations at Cardiff University.

In our first lecture to a group of students from all parts of the globe we highlight a key belief that there is no such thing as boring subjects, only boring thinking. We encourage students to look for the hidden pearl in any opportunity.

To highlight this insight we do an exercise where students have to write an unusual claim to fame, experience or connection.

I don’t think any creative writer could have devised the many varied and wonderful responses generated by the students. One favourite – and perhaps a strand of schoolboy humour creeping in here – was the story shared by a female student from China, which read:

 “One of my previous colleague admires our prime minister so much. But when he gets the only chance in his life to join the meeting with him, he broke wind loudly straight in front of prime minister. I witnessed it.”

You couldn’t make it up!

Are there any claims to fame you could share?

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