Chilean miners rescue sponsorship and opportunities remain un-mined

In my teachings I encourage people to develop an innovative mindset: creativity is 24 7 and we are never more than 12ft from an opportunity.

Do you kick yourself when you see a phenomenal opportunity and it goes begging?

That was the feeling I had last week when watching the momentous news of the Chilean miners’ rescue.

After the good feelings generated by the miraculous news of the rescue succeeding, my job brain and eyes then clicked in; the innovative mind was at work

Watching the Phoenix rescue capsule arrive on the surface I then thought to myself: ‘What a great sponsorship opportunity the capsule offered. What brand would benefit from being on the capsule and captured and relayed by the world’s news media around the globe?

Initial ideas included the AA to highlight its rescue service, or a Lucozade aids recovery message would equally be apt.

The news reported about the last man to leave the cavern, would probably be the last man to ever see it again. Yet, I might disagree here, as it would not surprise me if someone turned it into a tourist visitor attraction. 

Also, no one seemed to have branded the chamber where they were trapped. What was its name? What can we call it?

No doubt there will be films, books, possibly souvenir merchandise. (I loved the joker in the pack who brought some rock from the cavern back up with him for souvenirs.)

So, a great, heart-warming story, of triumph over adversity, and the sadly unusual occurrence of happy smiling faces in news stories.

Just wonder if anyone has any suggestions for other potential sponsors, or tourist potential from the idea – or any other opportunities waiting to be creatively mined?

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