NEWS: Search on for longest running brainstorm

What’s the longest running brainstorm you have heard about?

The record I have come across is a London PR agency with 1½ days.

I find it amazing that managers would not try to do complex sums by using their fingers to count instead of using a spreadsheet. Yet, when it comes to being creative, generating great ideas, most managers are as amateurish as the finger-counting executives.

Luckily, help is at hand. I am delivering an open course on the Perfect Brainstorming Masterclass on Thursday, November 11th in Whitehall, London.

What are the worst examples of badly-run brainstorming sessions you have experienced?

Usual negative issues are:

  1. They are too long
  2. Badly structured
  3. No proper follow-through
  4. Sessions featuring ‘shouters’ who dominate the meeting and ‘wallflowers’  who use their valuable time to  say nothing.

Brainstorming is perhaps the best-known creativity technique. When done well it can generate brilliant ideas. It is, however, also the most misused activity, and can often be a source of frustration, wasted time and a barrier to fulfilling the creative talent of your team and the potential of their ideas.

The Masterclass is heavily based on real-life experience so that you can easily transfer what you learn to your workplace and put it to use to help yourself and your colleagues in your next brainstorm session.

The Masterclass is ideal for young professionals learning about developing their creative talent and for more experienced professionals who want to improve the management and performance of their colleagues. Participants are encouraged to raise issues and problems they have about using and managing their own creative abilities. The Masterclass lasts for approximately three hours with a short break half way through.

Following the course, participants have the opportunity to share the outputs from a brainstorm session and have it critiqued by e-mail by the Masterclass presenter

Further details here – and all for just £195 plus VAT.

What are the worst examples of badly-run brainstorming sessions you have experienced?


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