Edinburgh Festival review – what about ‘Pecha Komplaina’?

I was told an interesting statistic about the Edinburgh Festival: if you added up all the shows and the number of seats available divided by the number of visitors the average audience is – just 2 people.

So, I was delighted when nearly 40 people experienced my ‘One Man Pecha Kucha’ as part of the first Edinburgh International Marketing Festival at three different events across the city including Government Office, digital agency Blonde, and Pagoda PR.

The show covered topics as diverse as, ‘How you can love the new tram system in Edinburgh’ ‘Copyrighting Jokes’, ‘A Postcard from beautiful Barry Island’ and ‘Bobby Moore – my hero’.

The last topic brought a pleasant twist – a member of the audience, Chris Holme at Government Office shared with me a story about Bobby Moore; how Bobby used to travel each week to Edinburgh to receive specialist cancer treatment. Even among the Scots, who may have had some antipathy to a former England football captain, yet Bobby’s legend and status was respected, and even grew.

He cheerfully signed autographs and was friendly with all the other patients, staff, and taxi drivers. In return, no one blabbed to the media about Bobby receiving cancer treatment in Edinburgh.

The ‘One Man Pecha Kucha’ was, I believe, a world first – a format which is refused to be recognised by PechaKucha.org – the spiritual home of PK.

Undeterred, I am hoping to repeat and develop the format.

Just some thoughts about possible new formats of Pecha Kucha, some musings included, ‘Pecha Komplaina’ (or as one friend sarcastically called it ‘Yorkshire Pecha Kucha’– where you get 7 different people moaning about their specific beef.) I would also like to encourage people to adopt themes for special Pecha Kucha events such as one on my beloved West Ham United FC with fellow Hammers fans.

Special thanks must go to the organisers of the Edinburgh International Marketing Festival, particularly Lis and Tom need to be congratulated, and also to David Rattray, my business partner in a new development I am working on.

David is truly a Renaissance Man – a great cook, talented painter, and outstanding musician. I had the pleasure of seeing his band – Sandy Wright and the Toxic  Cowboys on two nights – a great treat.

It was also great meeting up with old friend Mark Borkowski who did a great turn at the Festival.

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