Creativity – the unsung hero of the Battle of Britain?

The current Battle of Britain celebration is a worthy tribute to ‘the few’, the brave RAF pilots who defended the skies against a potential Nazi invasion.

An unsung hero however, is the flexible and creative thinking shown by the RAF ahead of the war.

According to the RAF Museum the RAF had prepared for the attrition of the battle by planning for high rates of aircraft production, coupled with a comprehensive pilot-training programme, backed by an extensive logistics organisation with an outstanding repair capability.

Thanks to their foresight the RAF got steadily stronger as the battle progressed – unlike their adversary, the Luftwaffe, which became steadily weaker. The resourcefulness of the RAF was critical in winning the day.

So, let us remember and be thankful for the bravery of the pilots along with the creative wisdom of the RAF to scenario plan, to be flexible and responsive – to create optimum resourcefulness – in the dark days of 1940.

When it comes to your future battles you will be facing in your life, will you be as flexible and creative in your thinking to maximise your resourcefulness?

Are you using flexible ands creative thinking to plan ahead of your battles?

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