NEWS: Bulgaria review

A great time was had in Bulgaria during the country’s special ‘Creativity Week’.

The enterprising team at Apeiron Academy displayed some great collaborative creativity with a week long programme with ideas ranging from having a small mobile press office – in the form of a small car, a whole series of events, talks, conferences, and media interviews.

I appeared on two Bulgarian television channels as well as national radio, with many more newspaper, magazine and blog pieces to follow.

Many new friends were made – and it was a two way process of sharing my insights on flexible and creative thinking and how to spread ideas, coupled with my growing in learning and appreciation.

I was asked some great quality questions. One that sticks in my mind – when extolling the virtues of metaphors as a creative and communications tool – was: “Is a metaphor like a stereotype?”

Thinking about the issue it made me realise that metaphors work by using one word or term as a launch pad for an explosion of many, many different other words to provoke divergent thinking and create new ideas and understanding.

A stereotype, in contrast, draws in many different complexities and converges into a set, pre-conditioned view. So, it works in the opposite to metaphors, by making the unfamiliar familiar, whereas a metaphor makes the familiar unfamiliar.

My thanks to Nelly Benova, and her wonderful team at Apeiron for a great effort.

We hope to build on this success and do an even bigger and better Creativity Week in Bulgaria next year.

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