Why creativity?

Russian conductor Semyon Bychkov in his winner’s acceptance speech at the BBC Music Magazine Awards in April 2010 observed: “Artists have this unique privilege to be constantly and permanently affected by the mystery and miracles of great creations. The never-ending discovery of their meaning is in fact a never-ending exploration of the human spirit,,,[and] the most existential question of all: who we are and why we are here.” [Quoted in the Financial Times April 24]

Whether you are a creator, or as Yeats puts it, a ‘hearer and heartener’ of giving meaning to works of culture, our engagement with creating new, new ideas, insights and alternatives, makes this creativity malarkey so fascinating and wonderful. Indeed, it is the true privilege of being human.

Even if your work may not be a classical music masterpiece, whatever you do, just by doing it and engaging your creative dimension connects you with Bychkov’s ‘never-ending journey.’

Just a thought, to share with you on a Monday morning.

And one further point: We are born to be players not pawns.

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