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‘National Nostalgia Day’ – February 15th – the day Britain went decimal

On the day that Britain went decimal in 1971 the country is invited to celebrate its past – on National Nostalgia Day on February 15th. It aims to both encourage enjoyable, positive reminisces and also identify if our world of … Continue reading

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Sorry, but failed to deliver ‘Failure Week’

There is a delicious irony that one of the initiatives I had planned to do – I failed to deliver. But then again it was ‘National Failure Week’ – planned for the first full week of February. The idea was … Continue reading

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It’s Blue Monday on January 18th – a story for doing good

It’s ‘Blue Monday’ on Monday January 18th – the third Monday of January – symbolically the most depressing day of the year. And this potentially is not just another ‘PR contrived themed day but provides a great opportunity to promote … Continue reading

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A meme for St. Howard Luke Gossage – the patron Saint of creatives

There are three types of people in PR, advertising, and marketing: those who worship Howard Luke Gossage, and those who don’t. And those who have yet to discover him. Fortunately, help is at hand for the latter. In a masterly, … Continue reading

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Do a ‘Twixtmas Work Out’ to transform your happiness during the 5 traditionally boring days between the Christmas and New Year holidays

Why not transform the traditionally dull period between the Christmas and New Year holidays by doing the Twixtmas Work-Out – a free and easy-to-do five-day to transform your personal happiness. In a time poor age, by doing just five easy-to-do … Continue reading

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Why Katie Hopkins is one of Britain’s best loved brands

You may not realize this but you probably like Katie Hopkins – one of the most reviled figures in Britain. Yes it’s true – you like the former winner of BBCTV’s ‘The Apprentice’ and now columnist for the ‘MailOnline’ – … Continue reading

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Friday 13th meme for hire

Imagine you are a surfer. Do you just plonk your surfboard on the sea surface and hope somehow you will be propelled forward. It’s obvious you wouldn’t. You don’t need to know much about surfing to appreciate that a key … Continue reading

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Setting the record straight – CIPR President Election

I was hoping my statement on Tuesday in response to the CIPR President Election would be my final words on the subject. I have since witnessed however, inaccurate information, and malicious rumours circulating. I’ve been accused of all sorts and … Continue reading

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Response to ruling by Review Panel to CIPR Election campaign

I am sorry for the other candidate, Jason Mackenzie, through no fault of his own, did not achieve the election victory which the votes cast showed he was entitled to. What the public relations profession now needs is a positive … Continue reading

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First Brand Story training for CIPR training – Northern ‘Essential Brand Storytelling for PR’ Tour – aims to transform PR from Brand journalists into Brand Storytellers

Public relations practitioners need to move away from purveyors of news stories to unleash their potential as Brand storytellers to take advantage of new opportunities in integrated marketing and communications, where ‘Story is King’. I am working with the Chartered … Continue reading

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