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How the ice bucket challenge became a worldwide hit – it’s a meme

                The latest viral internet hit is the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ – you nominate someone to dump a bucket of ice water over them – which of course is filmed and posted for … Continue reading

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International Speak Like a Cockney Day – ‘the fird of the fird’

Is there a charity that wants to get free national, possibly international publicity, to raise its profile and get people talking about it? Ideally, it should be a charity which aids speech/language learning difficulties or communications – possibly with a … Continue reading

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The facts about the Blue Monday meme

It’s Blue Monday on Monday January 20th)  – symbolically the most depressing day of the year. And it provides a great opportunity to promote greater understanding about mental well-being, positive psychology, or just an excuse to have a good time. … Continue reading

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Plebgate meme – another example of ‘truthiness’?

As the ‘plebgate’ row continues to make the headlines in UK news headlines is this yet another example of ‘truthiness’ and what fuels memes are not facts but rather what we want to believe? The story unfolds of how Andrew … Continue reading

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When is ‘sticky’ sticky – memes, viral & words of mouth

One of my favourite scenes from the BBC Comedy series ‘Black Adder III’ is the encounter with Dr. Johnson where Edmund Black Adder makes up words on the spot to confuse the lexicographer and creator of the first modern dictionary. … Continue reading

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Friday 13th meme for hire

It’s here again – Friday the 13th. And are you making the most of it – or adding it to your meme armoury? It has intrigued me that no out there has sought to tame one of the best established … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Day – how a cockney helped promote Yorkshireness

Delighted to see Yorkshire Day, August 1st as a top Twitter trend. Back in 1990 I won a number of PR awards for my work in promoting Yorkshire Day. I loved the comment from another award winner from Northern Ireland … Continue reading

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Why plans for branding London’s ‘Northbank’ area are doomed

Plans in London to brand part of the city ‘North Bank’ are doomed by a failure in not understanding memes. The latest attempt to use the power of branding for place marketing sees the area on the north bank of … Continue reading

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Why Tim Harford got it wrong on the Blue Monday meme

I nearly had a letter published in the ‘Financial Times’ last week. I say nearly because the Letters Editor got in touch with me to amend my original. Que sera. The letter was a correction to a piece written by … Continue reading

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Celebrate being Welsh on St. David’s day – with a cwtch

How can the Welsh surpass the Irish in making their own patron saint day, St. David’s Day as popular as St. Patrick’s Day? The answer may be in a very special version of a cuddle. A good old fashioned affectionate … Continue reading

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