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Sorry, but I failed to deliver ‘Failure week’

There is a delicious irony that one of the initiatives I had planned to do – I failed to deliver. But then again it was ‘National Failure Week’ – planned for the first full week of February. The idea was … Continue reading

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April 1st is Stupid Aid Day

The world is getting more stupid. And there is now something you can do about it on ‘Stupid Aid Day’- appropriately on Sunday April 1st-. This is a chance for everyone to fight back against ‘the Computer says No’ moments … Continue reading

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First ‘National Nostalgia Day’ – Feb 15th – the day Britain went decimal

On the day that Britainwent decimal in 1971 the country is invited to celebrate its past – on the first National Nostalgia Day on February 15th. It aims to both encourage enjoyable, positive reminisces and also identify if our world … Continue reading

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21 positive ‘F’ words for giving praise to ‘Failure’ during ‘Failure Week’

1. Fantastic 2. Forward-thinking 3. Formidable 4. Foresight 5. Foremost 6. Float (as in ‘it floats my boat’) 7. Flamboyant 8. First 9. Fidelity 10. Fertile 11. Fine 12. Festive 13. Fit 14. Flexible 15. Fizzes 16. Fresh 17. Futuristic … Continue reading

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