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Creativity by the seaside

Creativity by the seaside – your Magnificent 7 Creative Strategies + 7 PR Masterclass Tips With Andy Green and Alex Singleton Tuesday, June 30th 4-5pm at the ‘Pop-Up University’, the Ampitheatre, Eastern Promenade, Barry Island. Wales Festival of Innovation. We … Continue reading

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The British Brand: how we can use branding to help the debate on Scottish devolution and what it means to be ‘British

The United Kingdom is in danger of breaking up – and we are all helping to make that happen by sloppy management of the British brand. The landslide victory of the Scottish Nationalist Party in Scotland in the general election, … Continue reading

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Welsh identity – the need for a new plurality of narratives: Wales? Wales! Wales>

The implications of the Scottish referendum last year and the recent landslide of the SNP in the General Election signal a powerful trend towards national identity within the UK – a trend you would have expected to witness in Wales. … Continue reading

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Why Russell Brand needs better memes & PR advice

        Election time is here and one of the most referenced names is someone who seemingly argues that we should not bother and ignore the whole thing – Russell Brand – the comedian and campaigner, as he … Continue reading

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Why we need to drop the name ‘United Kingdom’ and lessons for the ‘British Brand’ following the Scottish Referendum

A profound lesson from the Scottish Referendum is that we have neglected the British brand at our peril. We came perilously close to a break-up of a once mighty tribe, and we need to draw a line in the sand … Continue reading

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Welcome back Netto – 3 great creative ideas they never used (and how I started the ‘Baked Beans War’ of 1994)

News of Sainsbury’s partnership with Danish-based Dansk Supermarked brings back happy memories – I did their PR in the UK for a number of years – and very proud of some great work and creating some great legends, including inadvertently … Continue reading

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New global initiative to inspire a revolution in Public Relations thinking and doing

I am extraordinary proud to have helped get a new initiative underway to tackle a profound issue in communications and PR – can we redefine PR and create a new theoretical framework for its thinking and doing. #PRredefined is your … Continue reading

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How to discover your Values – and their importance to your Brand

A very senior communications manager at a leading University in Yorkshire once boasted to me of being a “Values-led organization!”. I had to courteously disabuse of the uniqueness of her positioning: “Everyone and every organization is ‘Values-led’. Even Adolf Hitler … Continue reading

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Freshtival – the future of communications

Looking forward to sharing some of my latest thinking on the future of public relations and communications at Freshtival in Manchester. I will be alongside a number of the PR and communications leading thinkers and doers It will be an … Continue reading

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PR Creatives also need to lead way for NPD in PR

Here’s a copy of my letter published by PR Week August 16th Your review (PR Week August 2nd) of the role of the Creativity Director in PR agencies rightly highlights the consensus of how they need to be a champion … Continue reading

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