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Why Katie Hopkins is one of Britain’s best loved brands

You may not realize this but you probably like Katie Hopkins – one of the most reviled figures in Britain. Yes it’s true – you like the former winner of BBCTV’s ‘The Apprentice’ and now columnist for the ‘MailOnline’ – … Continue reading

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Creativity by the seaside

Creativity by the seaside – your Magnificent 7 Creative Strategies + 7 PR Masterclass Tips With Andy Green and Alex Singleton Tuesday, June 30th 4-5pm at the ‘Pop-Up University’, the Ampitheatre, Eastern Promenade, Barry Island. Wales Festival of Innovation. We … Continue reading

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The British Brand: how we can use branding to help the debate on Scottish devolution and what it means to be ‘British

The United Kingdom is in danger of breaking up – and we are all helping to make that happen by sloppy management of the British brand. The landslide victory of the Scottish Nationalist Party in Scotland in the general election, … Continue reading

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Welsh identity – the need for a new plurality of narratives: Wales? Wales! Wales>

The implications of the Scottish referendum last year and the recent landslide of the SNP in the General Election signal a powerful trend towards national identity within the UK – a trend you would have expected to witness in Wales. … Continue reading

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Why Russell Brand needs better memes & PR advice

        Election time is here and one of the most referenced names is someone who seemingly argues that we should not bother and ignore the whole thing – Russell Brand – the comedian and campaigner, as he … Continue reading

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Why we need to drop the name ‘United Kingdom’ and lessons for the ‘British Brand’ following the Scottish Referendum

A profound lesson from the Scottish Referendum is that we have neglected the British brand at our peril. We came perilously close to a break-up of a once mighty tribe, and we need to draw a line in the sand … Continue reading

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Welcome back Netto – 3 great creative ideas they never used (and how I started the ‘Baked Beans War’ of 1994)

News of Sainsbury’s partnership with Danish-based Dansk Supermarked brings back happy memories – I did their PR in the UK for a number of years – and very proud of some great work and creating some great legends, including inadvertently … Continue reading

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New global initiative to inspire a revolution in Public Relations thinking and doing

I am extraordinary proud to have helped get a new initiative underway to tackle a profound issue in communications and PR – can we redefine PR and create a new theoretical framework for its thinking and doing. #PRredefined is your … Continue reading

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How to discover your Values – and their importance to your Brand

A very senior communications manager at a leading University in Yorkshire once boasted to me of being a “Values-led organization!”. I had to courteously disabuse of the uniqueness of her positioning: “Everyone and every organization is ‘Values-led’. Even Adolf Hitler … Continue reading

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Freshtival – the future of communications

Looking forward to sharing some of my latest thinking on the future of public relations and communications at Freshtival in Manchester. I will be alongside a number of the PR and communications leading thinkers and doers It will be an … Continue reading

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