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Good to move on as the pioneering PR firm I founded closes after 22 years

I had mixed emotions following receiving formal confirmation that a business I originally established back in 1993, GREEN Public Relations has now formally ceased training. I am glad that it now provides a line on a previously very important part … Continue reading

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Does a new theory and definition of ‘Public Relations’ need to embrace Darwinism in order to survive?

Good theory provides a coherent map of your world to help you both explain and anticipate the next. The quest of #PRredefined should not be about providing a new definition and theory for PR practice – but rather a better … Continue reading

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Creativity by the seaside

Creativity by the seaside – your Magnificent 7 Creative Strategies + 7 PR Masterclass Tips With Andy Green and Alex Singleton Tuesday, June 30th 4-5pm at the ‘Pop-Up University’, the Ampitheatre, Eastern Promenade, Barry Island. Wales Festival of Innovation. We … Continue reading

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PR’s Digital Resolution – an essential must

If you want any hope of working in public relations this is your most crucial task: read ‘Public Relations’ Digital Resolution: A PR pro’s guide to a brighter future and bigger budgets’ by Stella Bayles. In my working life I … Continue reading

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Why PR needs #PR5SocialMissions

If you had to choose 5 issues that the public relations needs to address in order to create a better world what would they be? Public Relations is going through a revolution with much talk of ‘PR’ being dead or … Continue reading

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Why ‘Public Relations’ needs to adopt a wider social mission

                    I’m currently involved in promoting new thinking and ideas on the future of ‘public relations’ with the possible outcomes of new definitions of what is meant by ‘PR’ with the … Continue reading

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Why I’m standing for CIPR Council

It’s election time during September where members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations vote for officers for their Institute. Here’s my election statetment. Actually, I genuinely believe all the candidates are good. So, if you are a member of … Continue reading

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New global initiative to inspire a revolution in Public Relations thinking and doing

I am extraordinary proud to have helped get a new initiative underway to tackle a profound issue in communications and PR – can we redefine PR and create a new theoretical framework for its thinking and doing. #PRredefined is your … Continue reading

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Freshtival – the future of communications

Looking forward to sharing some of my latest thinking on the future of public relations and communications at Freshtival in Manchester. I will be alongside a number of the PR and communications leading thinkers and doers It will be an … Continue reading

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A matter of life and death – review

I’m fortunate in my life to have met and worked alongside so many talented people, many of whom write books. On the one hand I always  say that if you want to keep a secret put it in a middle … Continue reading

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