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Barry IdeasBank shares its story and creates a platform for inspiring Barry people to tell their stories

                    A busy week ahead for the Barry IdeasBank – the trail-blazing scheme, enabling people to create and share new ideas to improve their communities with the aim of becoming a … Continue reading

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A letter to Tyler Brule

                              Thought I’d share a letter written to Financial Times columnist Tyler Brule following a recent article where he revealed what I thought was a misplaced … Continue reading

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Welcome back Netto – 3 great creative ideas they never used (and how I started the ‘Baked Beans War’ of 1994)

News of Sainsbury’s partnership with Danish-based Dansk Supermarked brings back happy memories – I did their PR in the UK for a number of years – and very proud of some great work and creating some great legends, including inadvertently … Continue reading

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What are you doing with your ‘wealth’?

                  News that one of Britain’s biggest lottery winners is giving £3 million to the ‘Yes Scotland’ referendum campaign brought a smile to my face and got me thinking. It also connected … Continue reading

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A home for UK creative mavericks – on the London Underground

I am launching a new initiative bringing together for the first time all the people across the UK who do weird and wonderful creative activities using the London Underground – from artists, to Tube racers, to Tube staff heroes. Called … Continue reading

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Are you suffering from ‘Teflonitus’?

You’re successful. You’re smart at managing yourself, your diary and commitments. You avoid getting embroiled in time-consuming, and no doubt time-wasting, distractions. Success is marked out by your surety in managing you, and the ever-growing list of demands on your … Continue reading

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A tribute to another ‘hero’ of the London bombings

In my innovation and creativity classes I encourage people to develop a skill to spot opportunities, to listen out for new ideas or positive examples of good practice from unlikely sources, to adapt and apply to your own situation. This … Continue reading

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Uganda – international conference speaking

A big ‘thank you’ to the delegates who provided me with such inspiration, challenging questions and new insights at the International Congress – Public Relations & Human Resources in Kampala, Uganda last week. Thoroughly enjoyed delivering conference presentations and training … Continue reading

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Join the Tubespiration! Tours to transform your journeys

I am launching a campaign to get people to be creative while they travel is being launched in the UK to  mark World Creativity & Innovation Week (April 15-21) Commuters are being urged to switch off their mobile phones or stop … Continue reading

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Barry Kucha – celebrating Barry’s community heroes

I am extra-ordinary proud of pioneering work I am doing to get what is believed to be Britain’s first independent community ‘ideas bank’. Do visit www.yourideasbank.org.uk A key part of its working is the ‘Barry Kucha’ events. Here are details … Continue reading

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