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My story of Wales

I was born in the East End of London. So, I can’t be Welsh. But I’m sort of… Is that possible? I married a lovely Welsh woman, my two daughters are half Welsh, I spent my university years in Swansea. … Continue reading

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Wales? Wales! Wales> An opportunity to explore what our national identity means – and the case for a plurality of narratives around the Welsh story.

                              The Scottish independence referendum is triggering a vote not only about whether Scotland should gain political independence but also has wider significance and ramifications for … Continue reading

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Reading this article could give you an extra year’s life or 25 hour days

                            Reading this article could give you the equivalent of an extra year of your life or the equivalent of 25 hour days. Interested? Well, I’m about … Continue reading

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Murphy wasn’t invited – lessons from Senegal

                      Enjoyed a delightful time last week sharing latest insights and knowledge on creativity, Brand communications, Crisis comms, social media, PR strategy and redefining PR with delegates at the 7th … Continue reading

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Sunday Times shares the story of Tubespiration

Inspiration for when you’re stuck for inspiration – that’s what prompted the Sunday Times to check out Tubespiration. Read the full article here: Why not try a Tubespiration! tour for you and your team? Get in touch now for … Continue reading

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Welcome back Netto – 3 great creative ideas they never used (and how I started the ‘Baked Beans War’ of 1994)

News of Sainsbury’s partnership with Danish-based Dansk Supermarked brings back happy memories – I did their PR in the UK for a number of years – and very proud of some great work and creating some great legends, including inadvertently … Continue reading

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Lessons from inadvertently hurting a friend

I have inadvertently and stupidly caused grief to a good friend – and probably have lost a friendship as a result. The experience has also caused me much heartache. I can’t turn the clock back but at least I do … Continue reading

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How a ventriloquist dummy who was part of D-Day can be your new creative hero

                    Only the British army would take a ventriloquist’s dummy on the D-Day landings in 1944! Yes, it’s true. A British Army Captain, took ‘Bertie’, a ventriloquist doll onto the beaches … Continue reading

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What are you doing with your ‘wealth’?

                  News that one of Britain’s biggest lottery winners is giving £3 million to the ‘Yes Scotland’ referendum campaign brought a smile to my face and got me thinking. It also connected … Continue reading

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Branding Levellers’ Day

Reflecting on what historic days we celebrate in the UK and I came across ‘Levellers’ Day’ – it’s on May 17th The fact that you were probably unaware of it, highlights the need to make it better known. (It must … Continue reading

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