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What are you doing with your ‘wealth’?

                  News that one of Britain’s biggest lottery winners is giving £3 million to the ‘Yes Scotland’ referendum campaign brought a smile to my face and got me thinking. It also connected … Continue reading

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Branding Levellers’ Day

Reflecting on what historic days we celebrate in the UK and I came across ‘Levellers’ Day’ – it’s on May 17th The fact that you were probably unaware of it, highlights the need to make it better known. (It must … Continue reading

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New global initiative to inspire a revolution in Public Relations thinking and doing

I am extraordinary proud to have helped get a new initiative underway to tackle a profound issue in communications and PR – can we redefine PR and create a new theoretical framework for its thinking and doing. #PRredefined is your … Continue reading

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2 day creativity clinic drive across South West with 4 talks & Pop-Up events

        I am hitting the road covering more than 600 miles in 3 days to promote the cause of creativity and innovation in the South West of England. I will be aiming to inspire local businesses in … Continue reading

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International Speak Like a Cockney Day – ‘the fird of the fird’

Is there a charity that wants to get free national, possibly international publicity, to raise its profile and get people talking about it? Ideally, it should be a charity which aids speech/language learning difficulties or communications – possibly with a … Continue reading

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How to discover your Values – and their importance to your Brand

A very senior communications manager at a leading University in Yorkshire once boasted to me of being a “Values-led organization!”. I had to courteously disabuse of the uniqueness of her positioning: “Everyone and every organization is ‘Values-led’. Even Adolf Hitler … Continue reading

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The facts about the Blue Monday meme

It’s Blue Monday on Monday January 20th)  – symbolically the most depressing day of the year. And it provides a great opportunity to promote greater understanding about mental well-being, positive psychology, or just an excuse to have a good time. … Continue reading

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Tube equivalent of Platform 9¾ – anywhere on Underground

I’m teaming up with a group of creative mavericks who inspire people to create the equivalent of Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾ anywhere on the London Underground’s with the launch of ‘Tube Kultura’. It brings together for the first time all … Continue reading

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A home for UK creative mavericks – on the London Underground

I am launching a new initiative bringing together for the first time all the people across the UK who do weird and wonderful creative activities using the London Underground – from artists, to Tube racers, to Tube staff heroes. Called … Continue reading

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Twixtmas Day 5

5 things to do the Twixtmas day: 1. Write a list of 10 things you will do during 2014 2. Count your blessings and ask how you can share your blessings for the year ahead. 3. Ask a spiritual question: … Continue reading

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