Why we need to drop the name ‘United Kingdom’ and lessons for the ‘British Brand’ following the Scottish Referendum

A profound lesson from the Scottish Referendum is that we have neglected the British brand at our peril. We came perilously close to a break-up of a once mighty tribe, and we need to draw a line in the sand … Continue reading

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Why I’m hoping for closure on a home I last saw nearly 40 years ago

  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope I can get closure on something that has been painful to me for nearly 40 years My daughter alerted me to your web site and programme about Balfron Tower, Poplar. Youj may … Continue reading

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Why I’m standing for CIPR Council

It’s election time during September where members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations vote for officers for their Institute. Here’s my election statetment. Actually, I genuinely believe all the candidates are good. So, if you are a member of … Continue reading

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Gareth Bickerton – My Story of Wales

MY WELSH IDENTITY Land of my Fathers, To be truly Welsh it is said Generations of forebears born and bred Geographical allegiance is such a tiny part Unless Mountains and Lakes are in your heart From the top of Snowden … Continue reading

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How the ice bucket challenge became a worldwide hit – it’s a meme

                The latest viral internet hit is the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ – you nominate someone to dump a bucket of ice water over them – which of course is filmed and posted for … Continue reading

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Penni Carr – My Story of Wales

My name is Penni and I am Welsh. I don’t live in a cave, wear a stove pipe hat or know Sir Tom Jones. I do live by the sea, genuinely know someone called Rhys Jones and sing on a … Continue reading

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Andy Green – My story of Wales

I was born in the East End of London. So, I can’t be Welsh. But I’m sort of… Is that possible? I married a lovely Welsh woman, my two daughters are half Welsh, I spent my university years in Swansea. … Continue reading

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Wales? Wales! Wales> An opportunity to explore what our national identity means – and the case for a plurality of narratives around the Welsh story.

                              The Scottish independence referendum is triggering a vote not only about whether Scotland should gain political independence but also has wider significance and ramifications for … Continue reading

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Reading this article could give you an extra year’s life or 25 hour days

                            Reading this article could give you the equivalent of an extra year of your life or the equivalent of 25 hour days. Interested? Well, I’m about … Continue reading

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Murphy wasn’t invited – lessons from Senegal

                      Enjoyed a delightful time last week sharing latest insights and knowledge on creativity, Brand communications, Crisis comms, social media, PR strategy and redefining PR with delegates at the 7th … Continue reading

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