Why Russell Brand needs better memes & PR advice

        Election time is here and one of the most referenced names is someone who seemingly argues that we should not bother and ignore the whole thing – Russell Brand – the comedian and campaigner, as he … Continue reading

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Green’s Law of social inertia: why only 10-15% will take action

                              There is a profound reality that is overlooked by most communications professionals. They make assumptions that there may be arguments for or against, those for … Continue reading

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Why ‘Public Relations’ needs to adopt a wider social mission

                    I’m currently involved in promoting new thinking and ideas on the future of ‘public relations’ with the possible outcomes of new definitions of what is meant by ‘PR’ with the … Continue reading

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Friday 13th – meme for hire

                                  Imagine you are a surfer. Do you just plonk your surfboard on the sea surface and hope somehow you will be propelled forward. … Continue reading

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Blue Monday – January 19th

Happy Blue Monday on Monday January 19th – the symbolically most depressing day of the year. Chek out my blog post from last year where I identify a potential explanation for the phenomena here   Continue reading

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Melbourne bound to share insights on future of communications

      Looking forward to sharing my insights and ideas on the future of communications with members of the Public Relations Institute of Australia in Melbourne. I will be promoting my contribution to the #PRredefined project where I advocate … Continue reading

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What are you doing for Twixtmas?

                    What 5 things are you going to do to make the most of Twixtmas? The Twixtmas period is an ideal opportunity to do 5 things to make your world a … Continue reading

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Launching the ‘University of Twixtmas’

                                      It’s that time of year again – no, not Christmas – but the prospect of Twixtmas – the 5 days between … Continue reading

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The rise of Zombie Brands and why major plcs need a ‘Soul’ or ‘Spirituality’

Last week, I had a chance encounter with the chaplain at the University of the Arts London where I had been delivering some sessions on creativity at the London School of Communications. (I happened to be working in what I … Continue reading

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Dixons Carphone plc and PC World invent the ‘ShamSorry’ and demonstrate how to make a bad customer experience worse

        When you’re in a hole stop digging is sage advice. Sadly, it seems its guidance being ignored by our friends at Dixons Carphone plc and PC World who, in their latest actions have made a bad … Continue reading

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