Richard III: Why PR and historians need Brand glasses: lessons from the Richard III Brand for Isis and would-be Jihadists

I took part in an excellent event at the Richard III Centre, Leicester organised by the CIPR Midlands Group. (Well done Lisa Jones for organizing.) My contribution was about the Richard III Brand and why PR people and historians need … Continue reading

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Creativity by the seaside

Creativity by the seaside – your Magnificent 7 Creative Strategies + 7 PR Masterclass Tips With Andy Green and Alex Singleton Tuesday, June 30th 4-5pm at the ‘Pop-Up University’, the Ampitheatre, Eastern Promenade, Barry Island. Wales Festival of Innovation. We … Continue reading

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The British Brand: how we can use branding to help the debate on Scottish devolution and what it means to be ‘British

The United Kingdom is in danger of breaking up – and we are all helping to make that happen by sloppy management of the British brand. The landslide victory of the Scottish Nationalist Party in Scotland in the general election, … Continue reading

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PR’s Digital Resolution – an essential must

If you want any hope of working in public relations this is your most crucial task: read ‘Public Relations’ Digital Resolution: A PR pro’s guide to a brighter future and bigger budgets’ by Stella Bayles. In my working life I … Continue reading

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Welsh identity – the need for a new plurality of narratives: Wales? Wales! Wales>

The implications of the Scottish referendum last year and the recent landslide of the SNP in the General Election signal a powerful trend towards national identity within the UK – a trend you would have expected to witness in Wales. … Continue reading

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#Maythe4thBeWithYou – the Star Wars meme

          Today is official ‘Star Wars Day’. Why? because it’s the day we say ‘May the 4th be with you’. A bad pun, but also a major internet viral success. Why is it a viral success? … Continue reading

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Why PR needs #PR5SocialMissions

If you had to choose 5 issues that the public relations needs to address in order to create a better world what would they be? Public Relations is going through a revolution with much talk of ‘PR’ being dead or … Continue reading

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Why Russell Brand needs better memes & PR advice

        Election time is here and one of the most referenced names is someone who seemingly argues that we should not bother and ignore the whole thing – Russell Brand – the comedian and campaigner, as he … Continue reading

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Green’s Law of social inertia: why only 10-15% will take action

                              There is a profound reality that is overlooked by most communications professionals. They make assumptions that there may be arguments for or against, those for … Continue reading

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Why ‘Public Relations’ needs to adopt a wider social mission

                    I’m currently involved in promoting new thinking and ideas on the future of ‘public relations’ with the possible outcomes of new definitions of what is meant by ‘PR’ with the … Continue reading

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