Murphy wasn’t invited – lessons from Senegal

                      Enjoyed a delightful time last week sharing latest insights and knowledge on creativity, Brand communications, Crisis comms, social media, PR strategy and redefining PR with delegates at the 7th … Continue reading

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Sunday Times shares the story of Tubespiration

Inspiration for when you’re stuck for inspiration – that’s what prompted the Sunday Times to check out Tubespiration. Read the full article here: Why not try a Tubespiration! tour for you and your team? Get in touch now for … Continue reading

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Welcome back Netto – 3 great creative ideas they never used (and how I started the ‘Baked Beans War’ of 1994)

News of Sainsbury’s partnership with Danish-based Dansk Supermarked brings back happy memories – I did their PR in the UK for a number of years – and very proud of some great work and creating some great legends, including inadvertently … Continue reading

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Lessons from inadvertently hurting a friend

I have inadvertently and stupidly caused grief to a good friend – and probably have lost a friendship as a result. The experience has also caused me much heartache. I can’t turn the clock back but at least I do … Continue reading

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How a ventriloquist dummy who was part of D-Day can be your new creative hero

                    Only the British army would take a ventriloquist’s dummy on the D-Day landings in 1944! Yes, it’s true. A British Army Captain, took ‘Bertie’, a ventriloquist doll onto the beaches … Continue reading

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What are you doing with your ‘wealth’?

                  News that one of Britain’s biggest lottery winners is giving £3 million to the ‘Yes Scotland’ referendum campaign brought a smile to my face and got me thinking. It also connected … Continue reading

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Branding Levellers’ Day

Reflecting on what historic days we celebrate in the UK and I came across ‘Levellers’ Day’ – it’s on May 17th The fact that you were probably unaware of it, highlights the need to make it better known. (It must … Continue reading

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New global initiative to inspire a revolution in Public Relations thinking and doing

I am extraordinary proud to have helped get a new initiative underway to tackle a profound issue in communications and PR – can we redefine PR and create a new theoretical framework for its thinking and doing. #PRredefined is your … Continue reading

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2 day creativity clinic drive across South West with 4 talks & Pop-Up events

        I am hitting the road covering more than 600 miles in 3 days to promote the cause of creativity and innovation in the South West of England. I will be aiming to inspire local businesses in … Continue reading

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International Speak Like a Cockney Day – ‘the fird of the fird’

Is there a charity that wants to get free national, possibly international publicity, to raise its profile and get people talking about it? Ideally, it should be a charity which aids speech/language learning difficulties or communications – possibly with a … Continue reading

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