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Barry Kucha – celebrating Barry’s community heroes

I am extra-ordinary proud of pioneering work I am doing to get what is believed to be Britain’s first independent community ‘ideas bank’. Do visit A key part of its working is the ‘Barry Kucha’ events. Here are details … Continue reading

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Big Brand Theory – don’t miss the boat

There’s a growing demand for PR practitioners to deliver Big Story Ideas – that work across multi-channels and create messages that engage more deeply, to create real passion and change. PR people have always been good at telling news , … Continue reading

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Brand + PR like a suitcase + wheels

The suitcase and wheel have lived in parallel for centuries. People’s lives are now made easier by combining the two. Continue reading

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6 reasons why Brand is crucial to future PR

The role of ‘Brand’ in 21st century communications is likely to take on greater significance for six key reasons: Firstly, neuroscience evidence shows that people absorb, understand information better if it is communicated within the structure of a story. The … Continue reading

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On a quest to study how to make your Brand ‘weird’

Does your Town or Brand need to become more ‘weird’? Is it already weird? That’s the question I’m addressing by setting off  this week (March 8-17th 2013) on a study visit to the SxSW Festival in Austin, Texas, home of … Continue reading

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Celebrate being Welsh on St. David’s day – with a cwtch

How can the Welsh surpass the Irish in making their own patron saint day, St. David’s Day as popular as St. Patrick’s Day? The answer may be in a very special version of a cuddle. A good old fashioned affectionate … Continue reading

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