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Summer Eventia – here I come

Looking forward to meeting the good people at the Summer Eventia 2012 this week, the major showcase conference organised by the official trade body for the events and live marketing industry in the UK I will be delivering a special … Continue reading

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How good is your personal brandcasting?

Looking forward to delivering a great training session on ‘Personal Brandcasting’ for the Public Relations  Consultants Association in London this Wednesday (April 25th.) If you mention the word ‘brand’ most people associate it with consumer goods and names like ‘Microsoft’ … Continue reading

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Record store day misses a meme soundtrack

This weekend, Saturday  April 21st is Record Store Day, where both independent record stores and its accompanying culture of vinyl, music enthusiast, and local bands are celebrated. One trick I feel they have missed out on is making the date … Continue reading

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How to boost your creativity while you are driving

When it comes to driving habits most of us confess to listening to music, even getting angry with other motorists but few of us take advantage of the great opportunity behind the wheel – to think up new ideas. Some … Continue reading

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The ‘Titanic’ meme – and why it grows

Why is it, 100 years on, and the story of how one ship sunk in 1912 still holds such fascination for contemporary society? A century old story is now even inspiring the opening of a new museum – the Titanic … Continue reading

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