Do I have the best office view in Britain?


I am blessed with living in beautiful Barry Island – and just took a snap of a delightful mid afternoon sun from my office window.

It made me ponder: do I have the best office view in Britain?

I would be delighted if anyone else out there would like to share their examples of both good views – and perhaps, not-so-good views.

So, what are the best office views in Britain?

And what are the worst office views in Britain?
All submissions welcome.



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One Response to Do I have the best office view in Britain?

  1. Jason Kelly says:

    Hi Andy

    What can i say about the view you have from your office window? I know, WOW! I’m impressed you get any work done. I would post a pic of the view i have, but it would just depress you – honest!

    Why? well, the view is of a train track with a rubbish storage unit to the left – told you, depressing.

    Thanks for sharing the pic.


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