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Chris Evans – 6 reasons to boost your innovation and creativity

To be honest I wouldn’t normally read celebrity biogs on holiday but having devoured my planned reading material I turned to my daughter’s book – Chris Evans ‘It’s not what you think’ on the BBC DJ and TV celebrity’s early … Continue reading

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London rioters and the man who cut the last tree on Easter Island

In his brilliant book ‘Collapse– how societies choose to fail or survive’ Jared Diamond surveyed a number of societies which had witnessed extinction, including the Easter Islands. Western explorers in the 18th century visiting the Island found remnants of a … Continue reading

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7 lessons why Dolly Parton can improve your innovation & creativity

If you want to develop your flexible thinking and your innovation and creativity skills – you need to draw lessons from any experience. Whether you like/dislike or indifferent to country singer Dolly Parton – there are great lessons to learn … Continue reading

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Final quarter of 2011: Last chance to plan your Goals for the year

We are now entering the final quarter of 2011. You now urgently need to take stock of your plans – and critically, how you can make the most of the remaining three months to ensure 2011 is a great year … Continue reading

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