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Compound dystopia: ‘the rioters’ paradox’

Brilliant piece by Harry Eyres in his ‘Slow Lane’ column in the FT about how one of the challenges in intellectually responding to the riots is how the rioters themselves were so inarticulate in their message – and also in … Continue reading

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Make September the time to improve your creativity

A series of open innovation and creative thinking skills inLondon and Manchester, run by Andy Green are now on offer in September. Designed to improve the skills and confidence of all grades and abilities the sessions combine practical skills and … Continue reading

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Waiting for a call from Abercrombie & Fitch

The story about fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch deciding to pay the cast of American reality TV show ’Jersey Shore’ not to wear their clothes reminds me of an idea I once mused. A couple of years ago while in Soho, … Continue reading

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Our ‘broken society’ needs a ‘Peter Beardsley’ and a ‘Waddle’

Talk of the UK being a ‘broken society’ makes me angry. A failure to put things in perspective may cost us dearly, economically, socially, emotionally – and creatively. Prior to the recent ‘highly localised riots in three main English conurbations’ … Continue reading

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8 flexible and creative thinking tips for responding to ‘the riots’

The riots across the UK have shown the worst – and the best of people. The film of a young man being callously mugged on the street while being injured can make you despair of humanity. Yet, the widespread responses … Continue reading

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Why creative people need to give themselves a ‘Chris Waddle’

  If you want to achieve anything in life, every so often you need to give yourself a ‘Chris Waddle’. Let me explain. The other day a friend of mine let himself down badly. He had an important sales presentation … Continue reading

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Sooty and how I nearly got in the news about his puppet government

With Sooty making the news this week on his alleged assault of magician Paul Daniels (yes, it’s silly season time) reminded me of my near media encounter the children’s glove puppet character. I was actively involved in the campaign for … Continue reading

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Brand UK – creative lessons from the Welsh and from memes?

A merry storm in Radio 4 land circles was created by FT journalist Matthew Engel in his BBC broadcast on what he claims is ‘the dramatic growth of Americanisms in British conversation, public and private.’ He believes what he calls … Continue reading

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